New kittens are available kittens for adoption.

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Before adoption, all our kittens are checked by the veterinarian, receive 2 enriched basic vaccines (including Chlamidia) and are dewormed at least 3 times. The rabies vaccine and the micro-chip installation are optional, but often required when travelling by plane or abroad.


The kitten is adopted as a pet without breeding rights and sterilized by the breeder before the adoption.


The kitten is ready to leave in his new family at the age of 4 - 4.5 months after the neutering. Before this age the change of the environment can cause stress in the kitten. His parents, brothers and sisters will miss him very much.


Our kittens leave with the vaccination card, adoption contract, one year (from date of birth) guarantee against congenital and hereditary diseases, starter kit (dry and canned food, toys, blanket, warm clothes – the hand knitted sweater, etc.).


 Declawing and tattooing of the kitten is forbidden


We are always ready to answer any questions after adoption.


Our cats dressed in hand knitted sweaters from the departure kit