Chanu is the small family cattery located in the Greater Montreal area, Quebec, Canada. Chanu means "a nude cat" translated from french  "Chat nu".


We are the big fans of Sphynx, hairless cats, in other words - naked. They are very friendly, cheerful and energetic cats. They behave like monkeys, dogs and cats at the same time. Very attached to humans, they always seek companionship and body contact.


 We own purebred Canadian Sphynx cats imported from Europe. They have their pedigrees of 4 generations, are registered in The Canadian Cat Association and take part in cat shows. All of them received their CHAMPION title. HCM, FIV, FELV tested negative. Micro-chipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Our new female LV* Bambielf Mystery Gabby has received the title Best Of the Breed of the year 2019 among all the Sphynx.


Not all Sphynx are the same. The more pure the race, the more its physiological and psychic (behavior) aspects of the kitten are stable. All the evidence about the origin of our cats is available and the parents of the kittens are always on the spot during the visit. Only kittens of parents registered in the recognized feline association are considered purebred.


 We only have occasional litters of a few kittens a year, which allows us to take care of each of them. Our cats receive balanced food with all the necessary ingredients. All are accustomed to litter, scraper and calmly react to hygiene procedures. They take their bath regularly, with the cleaning of the ears, the eyes and the cutting of the nails, etc.


 All our adult cats and kittens have a nice quality of nudity and peach skin. They are very calm, happy and sociable. They are raised in a family environment with children and move freely around the house. They cohabit well and do not conflict with other cats. They are often seen next to each other playing, washing or resting enjoying the mutual warmth.


New kittens are available kittens for adoption.


Kittens from previous litters (all adopted)

Sphynx kittens from Montreal. Litter July 2018

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